There are many organisations and charities established to support homeless people. There is also a well-established hostel provision. However, there is a lack of “move on accommodation” available to enable people living in Hostels make the transition into independent living.

We help by providing homes to be used exclusively for “move on accommodation”.

Move on accommodation is a stepping-stone between hostels and independent living. These are essentially studio flats or bedrooms in shared houses in the community where people can live independently with the ongoing support from trained resettlement advisors.

After a period of say 6 months to a year, the individual should have gained the skills and confidence to live independently and secure accommodation from either Housing Associations or the private rental market.

For those capable of living independently, the ability to access suitable move on accommodation is a critical factor in ensuring a permanent move away from homelessness.

So far over 150 people have benefitted from our ‘Move-on programme”. On average, 85% of those people were successful in ‘moving on’ and are no longer deemed to be homeless.