iKozie Micro-Home

On 5th July 2016, forward thinking Worcester City Council gave The Homeless Foundation planning permission to build the UK’s first iKozie Micro-Home.

The iKozie is an individual ‘cozy’, self-contained, fully fitted, ergonomically designed single person home which was created to tackle the housing crisis and house the homeless. Yacht interiors and First Class airline suites inspired its design.

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The iKozie measures 186 square feet (17.25 sq m) and will be built using modular construction off-site and craned into position in the back garden of a an existing house on completion. It will be used for move-on accommodation to help the homeless transition from hostels into independent living. It has a bedroom, shower room, living area and full kitchen including a washing machine.

This innovative design could be a cure for the housing crisis and improve supply of affordable housing. These homes are inexpensive to build and can be stacked on top of each other to create a bigger community. Shallow foundations mean they work well on Brownfield sites.
This micro-home is designed holistically to help people who have been institutionalised while living in hostels to become independent and fully responsible for all aspects of their life.

This is achieved by providing a cozy, well designed, fully furnished, self-contained, single person home where they have to take responsibility for purchasing food and cooking, cleaning, laundry, heating and pay for rent, water bills, electricity bills, council bills. Only then can they stop being homeless.
The overall purpose is to provide a temporary self-contained home for one homeless person, teach them how to live independently and support them to find permanent housing and employment.

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