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First iKozie Resident Moves Into iKozie Micro-Home

The first iKozie resident has officially moved in: Kieran was homeless at 17, and is now moving on with life with help from the Homeless Foundation and Spring Housing.

Guardian Journalist Tries Out New iKozie Micro-Home

A journalist from the Guardian was invited into a Worcester back garden to try out our proposed solution to the problem of rough sleeping – the iKozie. The idea of the iKozie is that it will act as a stepping stone to move people from hostels and other managed establishments into their own accommodation, where they can live independently.

Read the full article online here.



“Inside Worcester’s unique micro home built for the homeless” – BBC News

From the BBC News article: “A unique micro home, created to tackle homelessness, is ready for its first occupant. Called the iKozie, it cost £40,000 to build and was the brainchild of The Homeless Foundation with the aim of helping a homeless person transition from hostels to independent living.”

You can read the full article online here.

The iKozie Bedroom
“First ‘micro home’ lands in Worcester charity’s back garden” – The Guardian

iKozie has been featured in several newspapers and websites over the last few weeks, including this article in the Guardian.

Taken from the article:

“A unique ‘micro home’ inspired by the layouts of luxury yachts and airline first class cabins has been craned into place as part of an effort to ease homelessness in a British city.

The first tenant is expected to move into the £40,000 iKozie pod, which has only 17.25 sq metres of floor space, in Worcester next month.”

You can read the full article online here.

iKozie “cure for the housing crisis” – The Guardian

The iKozie is in the news again this week, this time mentioned in an article in the Guardian. The article states:

“There are various other schemes around or in development. A West Midlands charity called the Homeless Foundation has developed the iKozie – a single-person home measuring 17.25 sq m whose design was inspired by yacht interiors and first-class airline suites. The first one is due to be installed in the back garden of a house in Worcester in April, and the charity reckons the design “could be a cure for the housing crisis”.”

You can read the full article online here.

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