The Homeless Foundation is a registered charity, which was formed in 2007 to help eradicate homelessness in the UK. We currently operate in the West Midlands but plan to operate nationally in the future.

We are registered with and regulated by the Charity Commission and our registration number is 1122802. For more information click here.

The main objective of the Homeless Foundation as stated in our governing document is: “to relieve, either individually or generally, persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress on a National basis”.

We believe that a safe and secure home is a fundamental human need and the personal foundation from which people can build an independent life and fulfil their true potential.

Our mission is to eradicate homelessness.

Causes of Homelessness

There are many complex reasons why people become homeless.

The biggest cause is relationship breakdown with parents, family or partners where one person has to leave the family home.

Other factors also play a part like; unemployment, losing a job, poverty, rent arrears, drug issues, domestic violence or abuse, alcohol issues, poor health, mental health issues, mortgage arrears, eviction, leaving care or other institutions without support.


The Department for Communities and Local Government collects statistics on Statutory homelessness and rough sleeping. These can be found here. However, these figures only relate to England and exclude Wales and Scotland where homelessness is recorded differently.

Rough Sleeping
Statutory Homelessness

Local authorities only have a duty to house ‘statutory’ homeless people and thousands of people apply to their local authority for homelessness assistance every year.

To be ‘Statutory’ homeless you must either lack a secure place in which you are entitled to live or not reasonably be able to stay in your current accommodation. However, in order for your local authority to have a duty to find you housing, there are further strict criteria that you have to meet. Local authorities provide housing to households who meet these criteria, mainly families with children.

If you don’t have dependent children (known as ‘single homelessness’) and you are not deemed to be more vulnerable than other homeless people, you probably won’t be entitled to housing.

Summary of Homeless statistics provided by Local Authorities
Total households that applied to Local Authorities as homeless Total Accepted by Local Authorities as being Statutory homeless
England 112,330 54,430
Wales 14,160 5,097
Scotland 35,000 29,565
Totals 161,490 89,092
Further statistics show the reasons given by the 54,430 people in England who were accepted as Statutory Homeless
Reasons for Homelessness
Parents no longer able or willing to provide accommodation 7,880 14%
Other/ friends no longer able or willing to provide accommodation 6,520 12%
Relationship breakdown with partner 2,630 5%
Relationship breakdown with partner due to violence 6,660 12%
Mortgage arrears (repossession or other loss of home) 770 1%
Rent arrears 1,680 3%
End of assured shorthold tenancy 16,040 29%
Loss of other rented or tied housing 3,140 6%
Other Reasons 9,130 17%


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